How to stay motivated when working remotely

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

By now, most people have become accustomed to working from home either full time or part time.

But for some people, working from home for extended periods of time can cause dissatisfaction, disconnect and in some cases mental health issues.

Here are some tips on how to stay focused and motivated when working remotely.

  1. Create a professional space. To help you get into the work mind-set, you should set aside a space that you can use during working hours. You also need to be mindful of your posture, to ensure you don't cause any physical issues if working in a non-compliant setting. Set yourself up with a desk and appropriate chair in a quite area of your home or remote working space.

  2. Follow your morning routine. If you get up at 6am and go for a run, continue doing it. You're not on holidays. Keep to your usual schedule as much as possible.

  3. Dress appropriately. Even though you are at home, staying in your PJs all day will make you feel more relaxed and less motivated to get stuck into work. To get yourself in the proper mind-set .

  4. Segment your day. Be structured with your tasks. Know your goals and deadlines and work to them as you would if you were in the office. But don't forget to take your breaks and treat yourself every now and then when you accomplish an important goal.

  5. Be physically active. Stop every so often and take a walk around your home, or your neighborhood. Do some yoga or stretching. If you are still able to go to the Gym, schedule time in. If you are able too, make sure you go out and connect with the world. It will be good for your mental and physical health.

  6. Check in on your colleagues. It's a good idea to have a daily team catch up for 15 minutes, to check in and make sure everyone is on track and doing okay. There may not be anything to report on but it's a great opportunity to connect with your peers. If you work alone, set up a time with friends or family who are also working remotely to check in on each other.

  7. Eat healthy meals. We all know the benefits of eating well, not just for our bodies but also for our brains. Make sure to stock your fridge with fresh, healthy foods to snack on through the day.

  8. Set a start and finish time. Don't get into the habit of letting your hours slip out of control. Set yourself a start and finish time so that you don't end up on emails at midnight and have your sleep patterns go out of whack!

Remember, try to create an environment and routine that mimics your usual working day as much as possible and take advantage of the flexibility that comes from working remotely.

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